I don’t want to go on a tangent BUT…

I don’t want to go on a tangent BUT.. I will anyway.

“I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13.

Five days ago my husband and I started a 24 Day Challenge to get healthy. Not to lose weight, but be healthy. Let me tell you, like I joke with my husband, I see why it’s not called the 24 Day “walk in the park”!

On my journey to become a personal trainer I knew that I have to lead by example. You don’t want a trainer telling you to avoid this and that when you catch them at Pizza Hut the night after your workout, right? So we decided to buy in to the company Advocare and try out their challenge pack. I thought I knew what I was getting us into…

I thought I was getting us into a challenge that wouldn’t be that hard and we would try it and maybe stick with it. However I knew, being renewed in Christ, that He would give us the strength this time to stick with it. And He has. We are on Day 5 of the 10 day cleanse. In the past I would start things like eating healthy. I would go “organic”, then seeing it cost an arm, leg, and my entire salary, it lasted a week. Then I tried other nutrition plans with workout DVDs. I would stop a couple weeks in because I still felt like I needed it spelled out for me how to eat healthy. Instead I would get lost in the food aisles and end up just getting my favorite Sour Cream and Cheddar chips instead. It would depress me so much that I got to thinking my character is not strong enough for anything.

Five days ago we cleaned out the cabinets, went to the store with the easy meal guide, and set in our HEARTS, that we will do this thing.

Here is what is the amazing UNEXPECTED results I have seen so far..

My husband and I have already felt so much better.

I have energy for my daughter and to chase her around the house, clean, and focus for the entire day.

My sinuses have almost completely cleared.

My headaches are few and far between.

After a long day of the Navy my husband comes home and wants to go out with the family or take care of things around the house.

Since doing this together we have spent more time and laughs with each other.

We have found new things in each other: encouragers, partners.

Most importantly we have found that no matter the challenge or diet, that we couldn’t do a single day without Christ. You may think this sounds extreme but it is TRUTH. I have literally found myself praying to Him “Lord, take these desires out of my heart. Give me strength to eat right for you. To prove to others and You that you are all I need.”

Sorry about the tangent but I would feel guilty not sharing what God has done with us so far. I cannot wait to see where we will be in 19 days!!



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