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What’s For Dinner?

Did you know that one reason most of us don’t make changes is because of fear?

One reason many don’t start diets is the fear of one thing… having to stick with it. THAT is why I don’t believe in diets. Yes, I said it. This soon to be personal trainer does not believe in diets. What do I believe in? LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

There are three types of people when it comes to eating right:

1- Those who refuse to change because on the outside they want to look like they are fine with their weight. They are “too good” to change.

2-Those who have tried every “diet” in the books and for some reason don’t see a change.

3- Those who change their way of life and become healthy from the inside out.

I use to be the second type. I would diet, drop it, try a new one, drop that one too. I would be so focused and consumed with my diet that eventually it became all that I thought about. The more I thought about my diet, the HARDER the diet became to stick with. The constant thought of “okay, after this diet then what?” took over. What do you do when your diet ends? Do you stick with the same diet until the day you die?

Those questions can lead you to become type number 1. The thought of having to diet the rest of your life is so tiring that you don’t even want to go there. You don’t need to eat healthy right? Why not enjoy life? Eat what you want. Plus you don’t want people thinking you don’t actually like the way you look or feel, right? That is all wrong. In so many ways. One way that is wrong is how will you enjoy your life when your life is cut short from how you eat? DID YOU KNOW.. That 5 of every 6 deaths in America is caused by chronic diseases. (Heart disease, asthma, diabetes type 2..) Diseases that are almost all preventable and manageable by healthy living? It’s true!

Now that brings me to the type we all should become. Type #3. Until you realize that it isn’t a diet, and give up on the word “diet” I promise you, you will not get healthy, at least not stick with it. Determine TODAY that you are going to change your life. Only you, with the help of God, can make the change. Clean out your cabinets, buy the healthier version, choose every meal to order the right thing off the menu and leave some still on your plate.

Isn’t living a long life worth it to you? Isn’t NOT thinking every single day and being consumed by the thought of food worth it to you? Consume your thoughts with the Lord. He will help you make the change. Enjoy your life, don’t waste one more day worrying about what’s for dinner.

For tips on what to buy and how to make the change, email me. or Facebook me: Lauren Craig.