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What You Don’t Know.. CAN Hurt You.

YOU are way more than just “out of shape”. And realizing this can save you from a lot of pain.

There is a lot more to the expression of being out of shape than ┬ápeople realize. You think “out of shape” you think, “I’m not as good I once was, not as fast, not as toned, not as skinny.” You then get your out of shape self back into the gym where you left off last time. Or buy a new workout DVD with all the “ripped” people on the front and go full steam ahead to look like them. You go to the gym and look for the “in shape” crowd and ask him/her their secrets because you are sure what they do to look like that will work for you too. (That is actually how the occupation of Personal Training was started back in the 1970’s- 80’s.)

You may have the illusion or misguided thinking that to get in shape you must workout like those who are already in shape. That is the fastest way to injuring yourself. People tend to think that personal trainers are only for those who have the money and no idea what a treadmill is.. Or if you get one that you will look like a loser that doesn’t know how to do a push up. You’ll be “fin”e going straight from the couch to 3 hours on the elliptical. You’ll be “fine” following that person around and doing what they just did on the machine right after them (please don’t do this for the sole reason of that’s just creepy). Really all of that is not “fine”.

When you are out of shape, your muscles, joints, balance, everything is out of shape. Your body is “deconditioned” which is more than being overweight or out of breath. It means you have muscle imbalances. It takes knowing the scientific reasoning behind exercises to know where to start and where to go from there. Jumping into a workout without knowing what you are working or if that is what your body is ready for can lead to musculoskeletal injuries that can hinder you from working out at all. Also not getting the desired outcome you are wanting to see. The little extra money for a personal trainer can pay off in the long run. (No pun intended) Not to just have someone barking at you telling you that if you don’t do one more push up you are a failure at life, no, they are there to make sure you don’t hurt yourself and that you get the results that YOU want.

Do it, just do it the right way. Get a trainer.