Monthly Archives: August 2013

You are not a victim.. You are a VICTOR.

It’s been awhile, I know. 

Despite the business of my life with getting ready to move from Japan to the states in two days, flying for long hours, leaving the known for the unknown, a lot more has gone on. Finding out that we are pregnant with our second child. Praise God. whether planned or not it is a surprise gift from God. Does this change my plans on personal training? Possibly. Maybe God has called me to be more than that right now. To be a mom to two precious gifts. Will I give up and think my significance is less because I can’t accomplish right now what I wanted to? Honestly, thought about it. 

I hate, yes hate, quitting. Giving up. I don’t want to look like someone who can’t finish what they started. I’ve considered teaching pregnancy classes. Still possibility. When I start something I go for it. (Thanks dad for that quality) But through every time of confusion there is a lesson to be learned. 

Through this time of stress, tension, and the inevitable morning sickness I have found myself doing the opposite of what would help me. I have drifted away. Away from God. Away from my husband. Focusing all my energy on raising my beautiful baby girl and not wanting to miss a moment of her life. What’s wrong with that? It’s out of order. It causes tension. It’s what causes stress. Not my situation, my response to it. 

I could, and have been sitting here thinking ” I’m never going to.overcome this stress. To fix my attitude with my husband. To feel better.” Then God ,not so gently, knocks me down a few pegs and reminds me I’M NOT A VICTIM. I AM A VICTOR. 

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us.” Romans 8:37

MORE THAN A CONQUERER. An overcomer. A VICTOR. more than a VICTOR. 

Next time I start feeling sorry for myself or that I am a victim to my circumstances, I have to have this verse on repeat. I won’t just overcome my attitude I will conquer it WITH HIM. I won’t just overcome and get by this stressful move. I will be more than a VICTOR through Him. 

Praising Him in all things. For no matter what my actions are in life He shows me Grace. Undeserving Grace. Blessing me with another beautiful child. A new opportunity in a new place. A forgiving loving husband. Financial blessings. I am not perfect, thankfully my Savior is.